Tobias Haugen portrait

Hi there. I'm Tobias

I've always liked building things on the web. These days I run my own small consultancy agency where I help businesses succeed in building products online. I always focus on adding value in all areas of a project, whether it's grinding dev work, technical architecture, planning, process or collaboration.

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Notable projects

Anotherblock project


An innovative blockchain startup that distributes music royalty rights through NFTs. Part of the core tech team that brought the product to life during 2022. Worked mostly on the front end, styling the whole website as well as integrating the UI with both reading and writing to the Ethereum blockchain.

Google Assistant for Samsung TV

Teach lead for a project where Google and Samsung collaborated to bring a Google Assistant app to Samsung Smart TVs. Our team at Huge developed a web app in Preact, that then was embedded by Samsung in a native TV app. Lot's of animation usage with Lottie. Project was a big success and Google later ported the app to several other TV vendors.


Led the Chromebooks team at Huge during the re-development of My biggest challenge in technical leadership to date. Managed a development team of 9, and worked closely with product management and design to deliver to a demanding client.

Pigeon project


Pigeon was an app built by Google that helped people navigate public transportation in large American cities. I was part of a small team that replicated the app in Flutter for the Android market. Features included live updates on stations, route information, and lots of Google Maps usage. The project was discontinued in 2020 due to the Corona virus.


"Tobias is a unique person and developer that pays great attention to people, weather it is managing an agile team or directly in client relations.""

Mattias Johansson

Senior Product Designer @Spotify

"What I admire most about Tobias (and why I would recommend him hands down, every time) is his cheerful disposition and effective leadership style."

Daniella Eguiguren

Senior Technical Producer @Google

"Tobias is a motivated, hard-working, and intelligent Leader who is an expert in his area."

Dany Zambrano

Engineering Manager @ADDI