Hi there, I'm Tobias,

a JavaScript developer with 4+ years of experience, returning to the web industry after a two year hiatus.

Now I'm on the hunt for fun and meaningful work together with a great team of people. Below you'll find a few projects I've been working on lately as well as some additional information about me. My resume is on LinkedIn and all recent code activity can be found on Github. In January 2019 I joined Toptal as a remote JavaScript developer.

I'd love to hear from you at hej@tobiashaugen.se.

"I am not surprised that clients and colleagues feel great working with Tobias. His open mind and genuine interest in strong relations sets him apart in the business."

– Mattias Johansson, Senior Product Designer at Spotify

Recent projects

Me in 30 seconds

I enjoy reading and listening to podcasts on a wide range of topics spanning science, philosophy, psychology, politics, economy, comedy, etc. I meditate daily and am constantly experimenting with diets, exercises and routines to improve my life and well-being in general. I value freedom over comfort and love to settle down in new cities around the world. Of the Myers Briggs personality types I'm an INFP. The most mentioned words in my journals are love, gratefulness, discipline and focus.

I was born and raised in Sweden but am currently considering the whole world my home. As of December 2018 I'm living in Bogotá (UTC-5), Colombia, improving my Spanish and getting accustomed to latin culture.